Are you trying to source passive candidates with cookie-cutter, generic solutions? Good luck with that!
Welcome to a Talent Acquisition Channel Podcast I’m your host Peter Clayton. Today I’m excited to be speaking with Angie Verros, a brilliant talent acquisition tactician. Angie has worked on every side of recruiting – from agency, to third party to contract to corporate – she’s been there and done that. Armed with a marketing degree, she started her career as a rookie stock broker in New York City, so she knows a thing (or ten) about cold-calling and rejection!

Angie and I have been following each other around the country at various conferences this year, the latest being HR Tech World in San Francisco. Angie is based in Chicago, and very active in a number of organizations, including ATAP, (The Association For Talent Acquisition Professionals), where she is the community manager for ATAP’s Facebook page.

Angie is the founder of vaia talent and former talent acquisition leader at high growth organizations in the Chicago metro area. As you’ll hear in our conversation, she’s a passionate, strategic and innovative talent acquisition leader, with a unique combination of successful recruiting leadership, coupled with talent brand and operations experience.

Angie consults with a number of organizations including Proactive Talent Strategies, (founded by our friend Will Staney), and will be back in San Francisco this September, speaking at HireCONF.

Angie, welcome to TotalPicture.

Obviously you cover a lot of ground. What are you currently working on?

On your recruiting assignments, do you have a specialty? Geography?

What are the hot-button issues regarding your consulting clients?

What kind of issues relating to talent acquisition are you most often involved in? (consulting assignments)

As you know, many of the conferences we’ve attended this year have focused on AI, machine learning , natural language processing – are you seeing any of these technologies being used by your clients?

If so, how is it impacting TA?

What trends are you seeing? (Relating to TA or sourcing)

I know one area you’re passionate about is the candidate experience, after all you’re topic at HireCONF isTake a Walk in Their Shoes, The Human Element – how would you assess the candidate experience in 2017?

The black hole is alive and well?

Another event we both attended was the Employer Branding Conference in Chicago. Back to your consulting work. What strategies seem to be most effective in promoting a company’s employer brand?

Are there any tools or technologies you’re currently using that you consider to be particularly helpful in your recruiting efforts?